Transgender Discrimination


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Transgender Discrimination

A well-known retail store has been told implement a policy on supporting transgender staff, after an employment tribunal found that an employee had been discriminated against regarding gender reassignment.

The employee claimed that she had been bullied and subjected to unfair treatment because of her gender identity.

The tribunal found that the store had failed to deal with the matter appropriately.  It was found that she was constructively dismissed, as the lack of action and remarks made about her transgender status led to her resignation.

The tribunal judge said: “All this may well have been prevented had there been proper systems from the outset to preserve confidentiality for transgender employees.”


The Government Equalities Office has produced a guide on recruiting and retaining transgender staff.

Along with helping employers comply with the law, the guidance is designed to provide employers with practical advice, suggestions and ideas on the recruitment and retention of transgender employees and potential employees.  It is also a useful guide for the managers of transgender staff and for those members of staff themselves.

Click the link below to see the guide:

Recruiting and retaining transgender staff: a guide for employers