TMG has varying levels of membership ensuring the group is open to all, from small businesses just starting out, through to multi-national companies.
Our members cover a wide range of engineering and manufacturing sectors from automotive and aerospace to oil, gas and nuclear.

in-comm-tmg-member-benefitsRegular content and information from the Technical Partners 

in-comm-tmg-member-benefitsThe chance to attend informative briefings, sponsored by our Technical Partners 

in-comm-tmg-member-benefitsFull free Legal Review of your business 

in-comm-tmg-member-benefitsDiscounts on more than 100 In-Comm training courses and online learning 

in-comm-tmg-member-benefitsAccess to grants and funding opportunities 

in-comm-tmg-member-benefitsSupport with Apprentice recruitment and skills matching 

in-comm-tmg-member-benefitsSeminar programme tailored to member interests 

in-comm-tmg-member-benefitsAccess to proto-typing capability 

TMG Rate Card

Download the TMG Rate Card below to find out more about what is included in the different membership packages

How to join the TMG

If you would like to find further details on how to join the Training Manufacturing Group, please contact us on 01922 457 686, or send us an enquiry, click below