The In-Comm Training & Manufacturing Group developed from 3 separate Associations; (West Midlands Group Training Association, Group Manufacturers Association & Birmingham Group Training Association).  The Group Associations were founded in the 1960’s as charitable organisations to provide comprehensive training resources and health & safety advice to their members, with the support of In-Comm Training.

During 2012 / 2014 the local Group Training Associations merged so as to co-ordinate, integrate and focus services to provide a sustainable platform going forward and to develop common and cost effective partnerships for all our member companies.  In 2015 In-Comm Training & Manufacturing Group was formed to provide the skills and tailored business support for member companies.

On rationalisation, In-Comm Training & Manufacturing Group retained its charity status and is managed by an executive committee, some of the committee being drawn from member companies.  In addition we have joint Chairpersons to ensure overall universal beliefs are maintained, an independent Treasurer and a Secretary.

Staffing support continues to be provided and maintained by our proactive partner, In-Comm Training & Business Services Ltd

Member Quote

The group is a valuable resource for small businesses to identity training requirements, best practice methods and routes for funding