The must know HR information for Manufacturers to recruit, retain and develop staff in a post Covid world – Family Business Practice Virtual Zoom Event

10:30 – Free to attend

This ninety minute zoom event will include two presentations, plus time to discuss the information in a relaxed, controlled and informal manner, hosted by the Founder of the Family Business Practice Peter Roper.

Presentation one Claire Hill Hill HR Consultancy
The HR essentials that business owners must get right!

When you employ staff, it’s exciting. But it is also a responsibility – there is so much to know about and do. It is really important that business owners get the essentials right. Failing to do so, can be damaging in terms of cost (money), reputation to the business, a waste of management time dealing with issues and can affect the business owner’s stress levels and inability to sleep at night due to worry.  In this presentation, we will cover the HR essentials that you need to know about that will help limit or avoid risk to your business.

3 takeaways:

  • Understand what are the key HR essentials to know about, have in place and get right. Be able to implement them in your business.
  • Appreciate the benefits to the business and staff of getting the essentials right.
  • Know how to stop it going wrong and be a great employer!

Presentation two Lucy Edgar Human Everything
Essential tips for when workplace relationships start to go wrong

When relationships in the workplace start to go wrong, the impact can be far reaching. Loss of productivity, a drain on time and energy, increased stress, perhaps even sickness absence or resignations and reputational damage… Uncomfortable encounters and unavoidable challenges happen in every workplace, and as a business owner or HR professional, it’s going to fall on your shoulders to resolve them. We have some great tips on how to deal with relationships that have gone wrong and turn them into great opportunities for positive change.

3 takeaways:

  • Understand the impact conflict has on the workplace
  • How taking a different approach can save you time and money
  • Top tips for having those difficult conversations

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