Filcom have provided cost saving solutions for over 25 years.

Filcom Filterservice Ltd was set up in the middle of the first lockdown, in June 2020.

We are part of the larger group Filcom Umwelttechnologie, who are based in Austria and were founded in 1994. Since the 1990’s Filcom have been involved in the sale of filter media in many sectors from dust to oil mist filtration. Filcom have continued to grow over the years with offices in Austria, Croatia, Czechia and most recently England.

Having a base in England enables us to offer the UK the same cost savings on our manufactured filtration products, as well as some other global filtration products we represent, such as MistBuster Oil Mist Collectors & Purafil products.

Our objective is to provide high-quality cost-effective filtration solutions to customers in UK engineering, production & manufacturing, we also support companies with LEV testing & certification on their CNC machines & ductwork.

With our subscription to the TMG Group, we would like to offer our cost saving solutions to other group members.

The most popular products we have launched in the UK are our Oil Mist after filters. These CNC Oil Mist after filters are compatible with brands such as

  • Filtermist
  • Absolent
  • ScandMist
  • Nederman
  • & more.

Michael Clipsham commented on the business development in the UK

’’From speaking to our customers in the UK over the last 2 years, it is very clear & simple why they are returning to Filcom, they receive a high-quality product, at a competitive price.’’

‘’On some products we are even able to offer an alternative superior media, this provides the customer with a longer lifespan of their filter, and an increased cost saving.’’


To see how Filcom can offer support to your company please feel free to contact us at

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