Autism in the Workplace

Autism Awareness

Autism in the Workplace

This week (26th March – 2nd April 2018) is World Autism Awareness Week.

Autism is a term covering a wide range of conditions that reflect neurological differences among people.  It can cause social barriers which may affect the lives of people with autism at work.

According to the National Autistic Society (NAS) “Only 15% of people with autism are in full time employment, despite the fact that 79% of people with autism on out of work benefits want to work.  For many, all they need is a combination of the right support and the opportunity to make ambitions a reality.”

Click the links below for more information on how employers can support employees with Autism in the workplace:

NAS – Factsheets for employers

Employing people with Autism (pdf)

Autism in the workplace